January Designer spotlight

Ah Designers, you gotta to love’m! How many of you browse or buy a ton of high end fashion magazines for the purpose of buying from the collection? I know, I don’t. I like to browse for the simple fact of curiosity and inspiration. Those are key words to a fashion addict. Do you ever find yourself saying “Gezz what is that?” Or “Who would wear that?” The truth is high end designers tend to come up with very outrageous outfits or spectacular items that most are either not realistic or affordable. They are there, (of course to make clothes) but they are also there to gear their items towards those high-end celebutons or shall I say A-listers that go watch the shows. And I love it how magazines and online sources rave about how fabulous a dress is or how couture a gown is. So you mean to tell me that someone will wear this out…?

Designer: Alexander McQueen

No, not likely, but I must stress that these are simply inspirational items that are there to gear you to think of YOUR own unique style. Designer’s want people to talk about them, but also want to inspire. Which brings me to my fashion designer spotlight items. Here are some special hand picked favorite dresses (notice the emphasis) that just simply inspire me for Spring Season 2010 and they are as follows:

Designer: LANVIN (Top Pick*)

Wow, this is a showstopper for me. What a beautiful green dress! This was paired with a nice simple belt and an exaggerated necklace to give it that flair. Mind you this dress does not need much to look absolutely beautiful.

Your Inspiration: This spring do not be afraid to pick up those greens. You will be seeing them much more.

Designer: MISSONI

This one reminds me of a Victorian princess with a sensible beauty to it you can’t resist looking at it. It’s assembled with subtle accessories including those warrior princess arm bracelets. This is a gorgeous ensemble. I not need say more.

Your Inspiration: Lace, lace, lace. I love lace especially done right and accentuated correctly. Lace is very sexy and feminine; please use with caution. lol! 🙂

Designer: Burberry Prorsum

Here, we have a beige and mocha dress and we see, yet again another belted collection this time with a bigger belt that gives it a completely different look if it hadn’t come with it.

Your Inspiration: Look for those accentuated ruffled sleeves and those dresses with tiered bottoms. They are just fascinating and chic!

Designer: BCBG

BCBG has tons of dresses that are affordable when on sale and much more wearable. Again, with the green, but this time it’s paired with black.

Your Inspiration: Spring is a good time to pair color. It’s ok to marry such bold colors; it looks great. Also, what do we see here? An asymmetrical cut. Off the shoulder dress with some sexy in it. If you haven’t started seeing these cuts… you will.

Have a wonderful time finding your style and your own flair this season. Remember, there’s inspiration everywhere. These were just some of my favs this season. However, if you should find some great finds and awesome new looks don’t be afraid to contact me or send them my way!


photo credits: Dan and Corina Lecca


~ by Linda on January 19, 2010.

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